Musical pillows

Abigail has asked me to list these for her, so here goes.
Here we have lullaby cushions which if preferred, can be supplied with ribbon attached to hang on a wall or cot. Various ribbon is available including birth celebration, as seen here. There are three different tunes to chose from although I'm not sure offhand what they are. I'll let missy elaborate. The one here plays 'Sleep baby sleep'.

Filling is corn husk which is bagged and sold specifically for soft toy fill although if preferred, a synthetic wadding can be used. Fabric is 100% patchwork cotton.

I've done the maths and price is coming in at £10.00 which gives her £2.00 per cushion. If you would like a childs initial done, just ask. Other fabric combinations include bright red, white and navy blue and pastel pinks.

Thank you for checking in.